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We Went There is an action-driven podcast that serves current events, deep dives into important topics with a side of pop culture scrutiny. Each episode, Nikki and Carly will start off with their segment "Big Question Little Question", in which each host asks each other a deep question and a silly question. They then get into the main part of the episode. If they have a guest, they will discuss the guest's background and current projects. If we don't have a guest, there's a dedicated topic for every episode. Past topics have been mental health, celebrities use of social media, the immigration crisis, and body positivity. The goal of every episode is to make sure that the listeners walk away from every episode with hands-on action items that they can employ to make the world a better place. We Went There will be released weekly on Tuesdays "wherever podcasts are found". Season 1 wrapped in May 2018, and season 2 is set to launch in the fall of 2018.

Who are we?

Carly Lazarus

Carly is a senior is a visionary poet, activist and all-around artist. Combining her art and activism is where her passion lies. She's always questioning everything and thinking about how she can better herself and others. That's what makes her such a good host and artist.  she serves as an amazing and energetic co host, and brings in most of our guests with her creative connections. She's a senior in a social work program and is heavily involved in the Urban Arts Theatre. In that group, she works on spoken word and theatre. She is also involved in the Women's Center at school. One of her hobbies is photography. Follow her ​Instagram​  Tw​itter, and follow her spoken word Instagram.

Nikki is a young creative soul with a business mind. She spends every day combining her two sides of the brain, and finding out how she can do that for the rest of her life. She's a recovering emotional hermit - meaning she's finally letting herself feel her feels and is writing about it. For the pod, she serves as the business manager as and co host. If you've emailed us, or seen us featured in a blog or website  - that's her! She also set up our social channels and designed this website. She's been working in PR since June 2017. She’s a content creator with an interest in politics, activism, health and wellness and more. Besides the podcast, she's also a contributor to several feminist publications like Ms Magazine. See all of her work ​here.

Nikki Vergakes

Who are they?

Our audience is passionate about many major issues, including climate change, immigration reform, women’s rights, reproductive justice and more. Our audience consumes both traditional and digital media, but they rely heavier on user-generated and digital media. They are a majority women - 60% to 40%. Our data is backed up by Nielsen, who claims that podcast fans are loyal & educated.


Our audience lives online. That’s the place where most media lives nowadays because it is convenient, and in the go-go-go world that our audience lives in, convenience is key. Not only is our audience on their phone to read newsletter and listen to podcasts, but they’re on social media. That’s why we’re on social media as well: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Not only are we competing against these political comedy podcasts hosted by big names in political and media in the “podcasts-sphere”, but we’re also competing against them on social media. That’s why we use pictures, engaging captions, questions, video and sound bytes to capture their attention. It’s all about creating an online community if you want to have a social media following. That’s why our presence is and will be very interactive.

Why them? Why now?

The media landscape is saturated, especially for the younger audience. Consumers are inundated with 100 different hot takes on the latest headlines, and often the same talking heads are offering these analyses.


The younger, millennial audience has a hard time relating to many of these media sources, as they are not offering opinions from hosts and guests close to their age. The language and tone of the media are not typical of other entertainment offerings for millennials. Major news programs also don’t offer much diversity for a highly diverse millennial generation. When they don’t see or hear people that they look like, they are less likely to consume the media because they can’t relate to it.


We Went There offers all of the current events & analysis but in a way that is easier to digest for the younger, millennial audience. We Went There both informs and entertains their audience. In a time when it’s needed, we capitalize on the healing nature of creating relatable content. Our platform is also catered to our audience. It’s easy to consume on-the-go (when driving, working out, etc.), and is interactive. The millennial audience needs to have a dialogue with the creators that they subscribe to.

How many of them are there?



Overall listeners: 800

Total plays:  1,200

Devices:  90

Hours: 100

Followers: 428

Impressions: 115,000  

Engagement Rate:  7.9%

Web Visits:  2184

Number of Sessions Per User: 1.18

Number of Pages per Session 1.44

Mail Subscribers:  31

Mail Open Rate:  36.6%

How can you get involved?

Thinking about collaborating? We'd love to have you!

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  • We'd love to co-create content with a brand or organization that we believe in. Start a conversation with us to see how we can collaborate on a video, audio, written, event, social media giveaway, etc. piece of content. 

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