Nicholas Dell, or N.D. was a  Boston-based rapper. His latest album, Picture Frame just came out in October 2018. He is finishing up his degree in social work form Salem State University. You can find his Sound Cloud here

Cornelious Hood Jr.

Cornelious Hood Jr. is an artist and activist that started dancing when he was 5 years old and trained at Boston Ballet & city lights. Hood fell in love with Hip Hop at the age of 15 where he auditioned for a dance company called EnMotion which was ran by one of Beyoncés choreographers. He then danced in the company for 3 years and shortly became the director where he added another hip hop dance, singing, modeling and stepping companies. During that time the company placed 1st Grand Prize for Boston BeanTown Bounce, with accomplishments being the first Boston Peace hip hop dance company and the first dance company in Boston to perform on 106 & Park (Wild Out Wednesday). They also performed for the Nyc Apollo three times, opened up for Teyana Tyler, Red Rat, Bow wow, B2K, J-holiday and Missy Elliot. During this time there, he still stayed involved in the hip-hop community where he held an annual show titled Raw N’ Uncut (RNU) . This is an event that all talent can showcase. He ended it off with a MegaCrew called “Konnection” where he picked 5-7 different choreographers to showcase their choreography to dancers. His motivation is to spread love & peace by any art form. 

Kiana Reid

Kiana Reid was born in California, lived in New York, currently lives in Massachusetts - but is heading to Kosovo in May 2019 for two years of service in the Peace Corps! Besides being a world traveler and voice of reason on this show, she is the most in-depth pop culture scholar of this generation.... no exaggeration.

Hannah Sheehan

Hannah Sheehan is an educator and content creator. She was born, raised and currently resides in the suburbs of Boston. She works as a teacher in a day care, and when she's not forming the young minds of the future, she is making Youtube Videos here. Just know that you will never be loved by her as much as she loves Ed Sheeran.

Whitney Catalano, RDN

Whitney Catalano, RDN is an intuitive eating dietitian helping women recovery from binge eating, make peace with their bodies, break free from their inner bully, and create space for the things that truly matter.



Dominique Resendes and Lauren Desilva

This dynamic duo instantly clicked when they became roommates freshman year of college. They also met Nikki at the same time, and have all been close for the past six years. These two are compassionate, artistic, caring and hilarious. They bonded over their mutual love for The Office, and stayed for their love of feminism. They've been through a lot together, and have seen each other grow to where they are now. Dominique is a world-changing employee for a Community Development Coalition, and Lauren is a talented artist across many platforms. 



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